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The Cascades d’Ouzoud, located 170 km from Marrakech, are accessed through various side roads, making the journey approximately 110 meters high. These renowned waterfalls in Morocco are worth the trip, as their cascading waters create a captivating spectacle. The falls, with their multiple levels, often enveloped in fine droplets, create a picturesque scene almost perpetually adorned with a beautiful rainbow.

The Ourika Valley, situated 30 km southeast of Marrakech in the High Atlas, is primarily inhabited by people of Berber language and culture.

This tour of Morocco is perfect to do with a family, with friends or alone as you discover how the vastness and silences of the Sahara that brings people together the most, where hospitality is sacred and where is still known that “Venus is the star of the guests”. Experience a night in the Sahara Desert to the sound of drums, under a starry sky and immerse yourself in the calm of the dunes.

Djemaa El Fna Square


The imperial cities of Morocco are the cities that were designated as the capital at various times by different monarchs from the Maghreb dynasties. These cities are Fez, Marrakech, Meknes and Rabat which is the current capital.

This compact 3-day tour is crafted for busy travelers seeking a brief but immersive exploration of southern Morocco.

For those eager to explore the Moroccan desert with limited time, this concise two-day itinerary offers a swift and captivating journey.

This tour allows you to visit Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes and Fez. as well as the south of Morocco namely Erfoud, Tinghir ..